Despite what many fanboys were saying on the Twitter-verse this past week, Danny Elfman is still one of my favorite composers ever. I am a huge fan of his band Oingo Boingo and most of his scores are extremely iconic. Don’t tell me that you don’t get excited to hear the Batman ’89 theme song every time it comes on. So, when I knew that he’d be incorporating that into the Justice League film he’s scoring, I got super exciting. It’s in the movie, the movie doesn’t give the score much “justice” to when it’s being used, but it was cool.

What wasn’t so cool, was his theme for The Flash. I could be going a little bonkers here, but I don’t think so. Take a listen to The Flash television theme song and then take a listen to Elfman’s ‘Spark of the Flash’ around the 1:39 mark. It’s like a slowed down version the tv theme but VERY similar. It took me out of the movie more than once. Plus, I have to say, Ezra Miller is no Grant Gustin and the Speedforce “effects” were not even on the same level as the CW show. Sorry, but true.

Let me know what you think in the comments, as well as any thoughts on Justice League as a movie.