Disney is mostly known for making dreams come true. You visit DisneyWorld/Land and you’re transported to a place of fantasy and whimsy. They’re the creators of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, a Magic Kingdom, and they currently are home to all my favorite superheroes. So, normally I really don’t mind Disney all that much. Until now.

Disney has decided to kill Henry Selick’s newest opus. A movie he has been working on for over a year. A movie that Disney themselves have poured MILLIONS into it, in order to see his newest stop-motion film be shown to the masses. Why would they decide to pull away from this movie? This is a Henry Selick film! He’s brought to life: Coraline, James and the Giant Peach, and The Nightmare Before Christmas!

The movie had an October 4th, 2013 release date. Over 150 artists were working on the project, and this movie was considered to be a rebirth in Stop-Motion Animation. Officially Disney has said, “Disney is not proceeding with this project.” The studio IS allowing him to shop it to other production companies, but a pass from Disney probably means it will never get picked up. Ya know what Disney, you just shattered my fantasy of you being a wonderful companies that brings dreams to life. Walt was an innovator that BELIEVED in his animators. This is that Disney, no more.

thanks to VFXRocket for the heads up