Disney is always going to be Disney. They own half the planet and can pretty much do anything they want. So, when they come up with a new app called Pixel’d that allows you to make pixel art of your favorite Disney characters and put out an ad for it featuring chiptune music that is VERY similar to a popular Anamanaguchi song, Jetpack Blues Sunset Hues, you have to expect to hear a little backlash. Fans of the band are a bit upset that Disney can’t come up with it’s own original music, but the band doesn’t really care. As you can see from their tweets if they just get a walk-on role on Lizzy McGuire, they’ll call it Even Stevens.

whoa disney is ripping us off now… we we’re probably cheaper than whoever u guys hired.. youtube.com/watch?v=FMPPOT…

yo @disney we can make this right if u revive “lizzie mcguire” and give us a walk-on role

Honestly, as much as I think the song does sound super similar, there’s very little that can be done. If Vanilla Ice didn’t get sued by Bowie and Queen than what can this band that made the music to the Scott Piligrim videogame really do? What’s your thoughts on all this? Check out the videos below and compare.