I have to say, that I completely loved Season 8 of Doctor Who. I wasn’t one of those naysayers that thought Peter Capaldi was too old and wouldn’t do a good job, I was fully on board with him from the beginning; and he did fantastic. Steven Moffat continued to be an amazing showrunner and created some of the best episodes of the series that I have ever seen. Well, until the weird and confusing series finale; but I’ll get to that in a minute.

First up, we have a clip from the upcoming Christmas episode. Nick Frost will be playing Santa Claus and the fact that both of their names is Nick and Frost is a snowy last name only makes it more fitting. He looks like he’ll be doing a fantastic job in the role, and I hope that it helps clear some things up with the ending of Season 8.

Most of the time the Christmas Episode is it’s standalone thing, but given that a lot of the typical ‘Who’ conventions tree thrown out this last season, I hope it serves a better bridge to the gap that was left at the end of Season 8. We do know that Michelle Gomez is set to return as The Master for the next season, and that Moffat will at least return for the first episode. There’s rumor that Executive Producer, Brian Minchin, to helm the show going forward; but those are about as factual as Jenna Coleman leaving the role of Clara, which was rumored to happen in this past season.

All I know for sure, is that Peter Capaldi will be making his way back as The Doctor and I’m extremely happy. He was a brash, a-hole who saved the world with cynicism and shifty eyebrows. He was blood brilliant. Who returns to the screen on December 25th and it looks to be a Holly Jolly one.