LISTEN, when I first read the title of the article of which I learned this news from I laughed out loud. Being the fan that I am I clicked through and saw the name attached to the project that is the Doctor Doom movie, Noah Hawley.

The man responsible for bringing two amazing TV shows to life, Fargo and Legion, is set to bring one of the greatest comic book villains of all time to the big screen for 20th Century Fox and I am actually on board for it, The Fantastic Four movies have had some “trouble” finding their footing when it comes to feature films. We all know that the solution is to sell FF back to Marvel Studios and let them do it right but of course Fox is being stubborn as usual and are trying to have a go at it again.

With the success of the X-Men franchise as of late, it should be interesting to see if Hawley can bring the magic he is delivering on the small screen to the big and give us the Doom we all deserve. The character has been the BIGGEST failure of the FF movies each time and I hope, I PRAY, that maybe this time around things will be different. No details were announced so keep it tooned to DFAT as things develop.