I’ve watched Doctor Who since it started with Christopher Eccleston took on the persona of the Doctor.  Every companion that rides with him delivers stellar performances, ranging from lightheartedness to heavy dramatic moments.  Clara took us to a place in this episode that gave me chills down my spine.  Her pain, anger, and determination outshine even the Doctor.  Ever since I watched her from the first time we met her in the Asylum of the Daleks, to where we are now; her strength and conviction is unrelenting.  It is scary to watch her become this formidable person that the Doctor has to face.

Dr Who Dark Water 02The Good

-Everything!  But if you want to get into more details, the first twenty minutes of the show definitely is very powerful moment for Clara.  She realizes that the Doctor has the means and the power to save Danny, and she blackmails him by threatening to throw all the TARDIS’ door key into a lava pit.  One by one the keys are dropped into the pit.  The Doctor refuses to give in.  But Clara is blinded by loss that she will do anything to save Danny.  She throws the last of the key into the pit.  She realizes what she has done, but tells the Doctor she would do it over again if she had to.

-The Doctor sees through her plan, from the beginning and makes sure that Clara is unaware of him knowing.  There is a true moment in this episode that the Doctor tells her that even though she betrayed him, he is still willing to help her find Danny.  Her exact quote to him, “I don’t deserve a friend like you.”  He responds, “I’m exactly the person you deserve.”  Clara has become a person who thinks like him and reacts like him, so his response is perfect.

-We finally get to find out who Missy is, and it’s a whopper.  She is someone in the Doctor’s past, the Doctor had a different face when they met.  Missy’s character is maniacal and hilarious at the same time.  When she kissed the Doctor at the mausoleum that threw me for a loop.  She blames him for deserting her, and she is happy to seek revenge.  I’m not ready to reveal who Missy is, not until the second part of the finale

-We finally get to see the Promised Land, or specifically 3W.  It is where the dead go to live out there afterlife, but everything is not what they seem.  It is pretty unsettling when the Doctor and Clara find out what really happens to the dead.  The use of Galifreyan technology is clever and scary at the same time.


-The Cybermen are back!!  Need I say more?

Dr Who Dark Water 01The Bad




Danny is dead, his death is somewhat trifling, but Clara’s reaction is priceless.  I’m not sure whether Clara can bring Danny home.  What will Clara do?  Is she going to join Danny or is she going to save him.  What is Missy’s agenda and can the Doctor save the planet from the Cybemen.  If you watch this episode, you will already know who Missy is, but I want to reveal that secret in my next recap of this two part season finale.


Next week on Doctor Who: Death in Heaven