It’s the season finale and the Doctor is face to face with his old enemies, the Master and the Cybermen.  This time we have a Time Lady that took over the role of the Master.  Michelle Gomez who plays Missy (formerly known as the Master) is wonderfully neurotic and playful with the Doctor.  She gives the perfect amount of mad genius to Missy that she almost stole the thunder out from under Peter Capaldi’s Doctor.  She has been hiding behind the scenes, watching the Doctor and Clara go on their wild space travels waiting for the right moment to show herself.  Everything that Clara and the Doctor have done in the past has led up to this moment.

Doctor Who Death in Heaven 02The Good

  • The Master is back in female form, and better than ever.
  • N.I.T. has returned to stop Missy (the Master) and her Cybermen from global domination.
  • Missy’s ultimate plan for the Cybermen is pretty cool, plus she has special plans for the Doctor.
  • Missy has given the Doctor something he vows to never accept, an army of Cybermen to go forth and use his army to rid the universe of all evil.
  • The Doctor finds out that Missy is the one responsible for them finding each other, even back when Matt Smith was the Doctor, she planned everything.
  • Danny and Clara’s final moments are heartbreaking and sad, and even though he becomes a Cyberman he still fights to protect her.
  • Using the dead as recruitment tactic for the Cyberman army is pretty cool and makes sense if you want massive numbers.
  • The Doctor faces his moral values when confronted by Missy. She forces him to look within himself and make him see that she and he are very much the same.  She claims he wants war, he wants to control people, and he wants an army.

 The Bad

  • N.I.T.’s return in the season finale is somewhat good and bad. Its presence is something of an afterthought. It didn’t have much an impact like with the fight against Missy and the cybermen, it is more fodder to the enemy, but it is nice see them again.
  • Clara’s final good bye to the Doctor is weak, compared to the other companion’s farewell. I was disappointed.
  • The first part of the finale, Dark Water, has a much better impact for me than the second part, Death in Heaven. The second part fizzled out during the middle of the episode; the only thing that got my attention is Missy and her craziness.
  • How the Doctor defeated Missy is poor, and a little flat.

Doctor Who Death in Heaven 01

The finale has its good moments and bad moments.  The fact that they made the Master a woman is great, they chose wisely.  Their idea of bringing back the Cybermen is great, I love them.  The Doctor’s actions and decisions are in question about who he really is when Missy confronts him.  The season of Clara is over; I’m going to miss her.  She is a very strong companion, and I think that is what this new Doctor needed this season.  It’s going to hard to replace her.