The relationship between Danny and Clara strengthen, but her time management style with the space traveling and her personal life is in question.  Her adventures with the Doctor sometimes leave evidence on her person when she goes out with Danny.  He jokes about it, but you can see his curiosity on his face.  It is somewhat comical watching Clara try to come up with excuses as to why she is drenched or wearing a space helmet whenever they go out.  It is also funny watching the Doctor and Danny try to piece together what is going on with their favorite person.  It is nice to see more of Danny’s character in the show.  We now can understand the complexity of his past and how he deals with it.

In this episode, the Doctor goes undercover as the caretaker in Clara’s school.  He believes that something is hiding in their school and he must flush it out.  Clara is not happy with that.  She is afraid that his odd personality will draw attention from the wrong people.  She is also concerned that the Doctor will find out about Danny and that is a meeting she is terrified to see.  The Doctor is hilarious pretending to be a janitor in a school full of children.  He begins his investigation by tracking an energy output from the next building.  He finds an armed robot hiding in the building.  He recognizes this robot as a Scovocken Blitzer.  It is a military robotic weapon that can cause massive devastation if provoked. Unfortunate, a police officer was killed earlier by it while searching for looters in the abandoned building.  Hopefully the Doctor can send it through a time portal and away from the school.

In the meantime, we get a little more information about Danny.  His military past slowly resurfaces up when the Doctor listens to a conversation with him and another teacher.  The Doctor concludes that he is P.E. teacher simply because he was a soldier in the past.  Danny tries to tell the Doctor that he is just a math teacher, but the Doctor refuses to believe it, since Danny was in the military.  Doctor Who The Caretake 01The Doctor makes another misjudgment when he sees Clara interact with another teacher and makes assumption that he has found the mystery man whom Clara has been dating. He smiles and approves of that.  His detective skills of love is hilarious to watch, and pathetic at the same time.  It is nice to see the Doctor in this lighter attitude.

The Doctor finally is able to attract the military robot to his trap, only to be interrupted by Danny.  Danny is seen holding a few strange devices that he says he found them all over the school.  The Doctor is surprised and upset that he did that.  The Doctor opens the time portal and the robot gets sucked in.  Unfortunately, the plan is ruined due to the fact that Danny removed the necessary devices that would have ensure the robot would never come back.  The Doctor tells Danny that the robot will mostly likely come back within 3 days because it latched on to the Doctor before the portal took it.   Clara comes in and all three are there alone in the room.  Clara needs to explain to Danny about whom she is and who is the Doctor.  She shows Danny the TARDIS, and explains what is going on.  The Doctor wanted to wipe his memory, but Clara stopped him saying that she loves him.  The Doctor is stunned.  He tells Clara to take him home, and then come back to him and explain what she meant by that.  This is what Clara is afraid of.  The first meeting with the Doctor and Danny was a powder keg with a lit match.

At the TARDIS, there is a moment when a student walks into the supply room and finds the Doctor and asks him about the TARDIS.  He opens the door, and the student, Courtney Woods is amazed and curious.  She wants to go for a ride, but the Doctor says maybe later.  This might be an introduction to a future character in the show; I’m not sure, but maybe.

Clara gives Danny a cloaking watch and convinces Danny to come back to the TARDIS and observe the interaction between her and the Doctor to see first hand that everything is okay, he agrees.  But when the plan starts, the Doctor realizes that Clara brought Danny in the TARDIS.  A fierce argument erupts between the Doctor and him.  The Doctor screams at Danny to leave.  He storms out, but before he does, he tries to show Clara the true nature of her time traveler.  That same night, Clara and Danny talk about her relationships with the Doctor.  She tells him that she loves him, but a different kind of affection, and that she trusts him.

The next day, the Doctor gets a signal that the robot is back.  He gets Clara to help him, but Danny wants to help also.  With much disgust, the Doctor says no.  But Danny will not let Clara be harmed.  The Doctor gets the robot to the TARDIS and somehow is able to command the robot to stand down.  Unfortunately, it activates a self destruct command.  Doctor Who The Caretaker 02The Doctor tries to tell the robot not to self destruct but he needs more time.  Danny pops in and distracts the robot for the Doctor to disable it.  At that moment, Danny tells Clara why the Doctor is upset about their relationship.  Danny says that the Doctor is afraid that he is not worthy enough for Clara.  The Doctor looks at him and smiles.  With that expression, I guess the answer is yes, he is.

That same night, Clara asks Danny again what he thinks of the Doctor.  He says to be careful with him.  He then says that he has seen a lot military superiors that have the same attitude like the Doctor and they push their soldiers to make them better.  He makes Clara promise that if the Doctor ever does that, to tell him.  She promises, and that he would never go that far.  But in the back of her mind, she questions that as well.

The final two scenes we get to see is Courtney Wood, that student who found the TARDIS and the Doctor, take a trip in space.  She vomits in the TARDIS, yikes!!!!  Then we also get to see that police officer who got killed earlier this episode sitting in an office covered in white telling a gentleman in white how he died.  The officer suddenly began to realize he doesn’t recognize this place.  The gentleman in white tells him that this place has many names: the afterlife, heaven, the promise land, or paradise; all of a sudden we see a familiar face, Missy.  She is seen walking down the corridor away from them.  This is definitely a place that will play a significant role in the future, whether it is a good thing or a bad thing.

This episode is a roller coaster ride of ups and downs.  It is mixed with lighter and laughable scenes, to darker and frightening parts.  The Doctor’s full range of emotions is shown throughout the episode.  The relationship between the Doctor and Clara is starting to unravel.  Bringing Danny into the equation definitely puts a wedge between the Doctor and Clara.  I’m curious as to how it’s going to end.  Who will Clara choose?