I’m not sure I want to love it or hate it, but this one definitely gets a strong reaction to the nature of the relationship between the Doctor and Clara.  It is exhausting watching them go at it and wondering whether how long Clara is going to endure the Doctor’s behavior.  This is a strong and hard episode in which we see them trying to solve the mystery of the moon.

Once again we get to see Courtney Woods accompany them on a space time traveling ride to the moon.  I’m not sure if she is going to be a reoccurring guest or just a one time thing.  Her curiosity about the Doctor is somewhat interesting but not impressive enough to want her back.  Doctor Who Kill the Moon 01The Doctor gets in hot water with Clara when his insensitive behavior affects Courtney’s self esteem.  To remedy the problem, he offers to take her on another space ride, this time to the moon.  She agrees and they are off in the TARDIS to the year 2049.

After ending up in a space shuttle, they find out that it is filled with nuclear bombs.  The shuttle astronauts are not happy that they have unwelcome guests, but the Doctor convinces them they are not the enemy.  He discovers that they are here to investigate what is going on to the moon’s gravity, because it is causing catastrophic effects on the Earth.  However, if they do find something wrong, they are authorized to use the nukes by any means necessary to save the Earth.  They are here to investigate a Mexican space lab that has lost contact some time ago.  In the lab they discover cobwebs all over the place.  Spiders start attacking the shuttle crew, all but one is killed.  The Doctor realizes that these are not spiders but some sort bacteria that resemble spiders.  The mystery thickens.  He decides to go down under the moon’s surface to investigate further.  He finds that the moon is not a piece of rock, but a living egg ready to be hatched.  The sole astronaut concludes that it needs to be destroyed in order to save Earth.  The Doctor, Clara, and Courtney are shocked by this.  A decision has to be made; Clara asks the Doctor what they should do.  Doctor Who Kill the Moon 02He refuses to make to a decision and leaves it up to Clara and the astronaut.  She is taken aback by his decision.  He says that there are pockets in time that he can’t see, and that this point is one of those times.  He also says that there are moments in time that are crucial for humanity to run its course uninterrupted.  Clara begs the Doctor to help them; he refuses and leaves with the TARDIS without Clara, Courtney, and the astronaut.  This is the second time that the Doctor has left Clara in a perilous situation.  The women are left to make a very hard decision; do they kill the space egg and save the earth, or do they do nothing and hope that everything works out.  Clara uses the radio broadcast to make a plea to the people of earth.  She tells them the situation, and asks the world if they want to kill a living creature to save them or leave the space egg alone and take a chance.  The world opted to kill the creature.  The astronaut was about to trigger the nukes until Clara stopped her.  Just then the Doctor appears and takes them in the TARDIS to safety.  The egg hatched and the creature emerged, but it also layed a new egg to replace the hatched one, leaving a new moon-like egg in orbit.

The Doctor’s behavior gives pause to Clara’s decision to stay with him.  His tactics are harsh and unrelenting.  His approach towards other peoples feeling and emotions is cold.  His actions put anybody around him in danger, and Clara is fed up with that.  She tells him that she is done with him and leaves.  I have seen Clara get angry at the Doctor before, but this time she really let him have it.  It is a spiraling decline with their relationship and their future.  The new Doctor is failing to regain Clara’s trust and friendship.  In the next episode, Doctor Wo seems to be alone on a train in space, this should be interesting!