This episode starts off putting fear into your minds when a man in his apartment calls the police saying that something is in his flat chasing after him.  Suddenly he gets grabs by an unknown attacker and his screaming image is found on the wall.

Clara is ready to leave the TARDIS thinking that her plan to come back home on time and to be exactly where she left had worked.  Unfortunately, the Doctor gives her the bad news and informs that she is over a hundred miles from her house.  The door of the TARDIS seems to be smaller than usual.  Doctor Who Flatline 03They step out and find the TARDIS shrunk about four feet. She blames him for his lack of direction, but he finds it fascinating and tries to tell Clara to appreciate the mystery of this phenomenon.  Unfortunately she doesn’t see it and heads out to try to look for anything that could have caused this.  Clara finds a group of people performing community service and a memorial of missing people positioned by a wall.  She also sees pictures of people drawn on the wall.  She calls the Doctor to tell him what she saw.  Clara finds the TARDIS shrunken further to a point where she can safely place it in her purse.  The Doctor gives her the sonic screwdriver, Psychic Paper, and a nano-optic earplug to investigate more about the missing people in this area.  She meets a graphic graffiti artist, Rigsy, while she is asking questions about the mural and the missing people.  Rigsy tells her that local people have been going missing recently and the police are doing nothing about it. They head over to the most recent incident and look around the apartment. Clara says she can help, but Rigsy is unconvinced.  To prove that she can help, she pulls out the TARDIS from her purse and shows the Doctor to Rigsy.  All of a sudden the TARDIS is losing power and the Doctor tells them to leave the room since the power drain is coming from there.

They head out to another apartment of a missing person, but this time they are accompanied by a police officer.  The officer is confused but impressed that an MI -5 Agent Clara Oswald is there. Doctor tells Clara to knock down the walls since he believes that whoever is taking the people is inside the walls.  It is rather comical seeing Clara do a Mary Poppins maneuver by pulling a sledgehammer out of her purse.  While Clara is sledging away, the police office takes a call in the other room.  Clara hears screams coming from that direction.  Doctor Who Flatline 01She finds the police officer missing!  The Doctor notices that the officer’s nervous system appears on the wall.  He understands that these creatures are two dimensional and are taking people to understand and experiment on us.  Just then the creature tries to take Clara and Rigsy.  Danny calls her right when she is avoiding the creature.  Her skills on multitasking with talking to Danny and trying not to be the victim are hilarious. The Doctor hears Clara talking to Danny and finds that she never told him that she’s still traveling with him.  Her decision to keep this away from them is confusing to him, but right now he has more important things to deal with.

Rigsy and Clara notice that his community supervisor, Mr. Fenton, is getting ready to wash away the mural of the people on the wall.  He tries to stop him, but is frightened to see that the murals are coming alive.  Doctor tells Clara to run away.  They run into a train warehouse to avoid the mural creatures.  Everybody is frightened and don’t know what to d0!  The Doctor tells Clara to take charge of the situation and get control.  Her attitude changes immediately and everybody listens, including the Doctor.  While leading this group Clara is beginning to understand how hard the decisions are that the Doctor has to make.  She becomes the Doctor Clara.  She understands what he has to go through when dealing with an extremely tough dilemma.  She will do whatever it takes to save these people.

Clara tries to communicate with the creatures by using the sonic screwdriver, but realizes it is useless when a man dies right in front of her by the creatures.  Everybody runs further into the building and into the railroad tunnels.  The creatures follow them.  Fenton suddenly takes the TARDIS and accidentally drops it down a shaft.  The TARDIS lands on a railroad track with a train running towards it.  To protect itself, the TARDIS fell into seize mode, a cube that resembles the Pandorica.  Only life support is working in the TARDIS, and the Doctor is losing time.  Doctor Who Flatline 02Clara finds the TARDIS and comes up with a way to power up the TARDIS.  She tells Rigsy to draw a mural that can fool the creatures into drawing their power through the TARDIS.  It works, and the TARDIS is full restored.  The Doctor storms out and confronts the creatures.  He tells the creatures that the plane is protected, because he is the Doctor. “The man that stops the monsters,” is his last statement when he sends back the creatures to their dimension.  All this time, the Doctor never knew what these creatures are, only that they come from a two dimensional plane and had malicious intent.  He finally gives them a name, the Boneless.

Everybody is brought back to their homes, and finally Clara and the Doctor are alone.  She wants the Doctor to admit that she did well, but he says, “Clara you are an exceptional Doctor, goodness had nothing to do with it.”  Our mysterious woman, Missy is seen watching Clara and the Doctor through a video screen.  She smiles and says, “Oh my Clara, I have chosen well.”

It’s a role reversal for Clara and the Doctor.  Her strength and leadership qualities are paramount in this one.  She now has a better understanding of the Doctor, and how he needs to walk on the edge of morality, and ethics, to handle the extreme situations he deals with every day.  This is the first time Clara doesn’t blow her top because of the Doctor’s questionable behavior. Only three more episodes left before the season finale, this season is great so far I don’t know how this is going to end.