You gotta love the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who. We had an amazing movie, lots of mini-sodes, and now a game is coming out! Doctor Who: Legacy is being released by Tiny Rebel Games and Seed Studios and it will start with character and content from the six and seventh seasons. Later on, it will continue in reverse chronological order! No real details on the gameplay yet, but the game looks to be a fun puzzler! Check out some screenshots below.

Doctor Who Legacy Screenshot

Doctor Who Legacy screen

In a statement from Tiny Rebel Games creative director, Lee Cummings,

“The 11th (or is it 12th?) Doctor’s regeneration is approaching fast. With decades of epic adventures to draw from, Doctor Who: Legacy is a loving homage created by loyal Whovians, and is rich in the show’s creative legacy and fun. Combining easy to learn, hard to master mechanics with beloved characters and cunning villains, Doctor Who: Legacy will be a treat for fans, casual players and even the most hard-core gamers alike.”

Doctor Who: Legacy will be released on Android and iOS on November 27th, and it will be free! Make sure you pick it up and enjoy the ride!