If the 50th Anniversary movie, Day of the Doctor, taught us anything about Doctor Who, its that we’re just getting started on his adventures. Steven Moffat and company plan on ushering the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi, on the Christmas episode; which we finally have a name for: The Time of the Doctor.

The episode will feature Matt Smith, Jenna Coleman, and newcomer Orla Brady as an unknown character. It’s a rumor that she’ll be The Doctor’s Assisstant, but we shall see. The most important question is, how is Peter Capaldi the 13th Doctor? Up until this point we knew that the Doctor should only have 12 regenerations, yet from the Day of the Doctor it seems that the history as we know it may have been changed.

From the poster below, it looks like The Doctor will face off against Cybermen, but that might not be all. The teaser below suggests something more. Stay Tuned to DFAT for more news on The Time of the Doctor, and prepare for it’s viewing on BBC America and everywhere else  on Christmas Day!


Doctor Who The Time of the Doctor Poster