And your newest time lord is….Peter Capaldi. The 55-year old actor is taking on the role of the twelfth doctor in the amazingly popular BBC series, Doctor Who. Calpaldi will be following along the footsteps of 30-year old Matt Smith, who departs the series and ushers in the 50th Anniversary of the show.

Peter Capaldi-1487875

Calpadi can be seen in World War Z, as well as the show Torchwood. It’ll be interesting to see what an older gentlemen does with the Tardis, seeing it’s been a series of young man since the show rebooted back in 2005. I’m pretty excited to see what more fun they take the series, and Capaldi is a great choice in my mind. Check out the video below to see the announcement of the latest doctor, as well as an interview with the actor.

What do you guys think of the newest Doctor choice?