This week we got two surprises from the wonderful world of Doctor Who. The first is another minisode entitled “The Last Day.” Unlike the previous minisode “The Night Of The Doctor,” viewers aren’t in for a huge surprise with another unannounced Doctor, but what we do get to see is just as interesting (if not a little overacted, but that’s just my opinion). This is truly the last day of normalcy for the Time Lords, the invasion and war is about to begin. Two aspects of this minisode peaked my interest: 1) The man who’s being talked to, I’m assuming the Doctor, is constantly told he’ll see things that aren’t real and they’re not premonitions they’re malfunctions. The only glimpse we get of the unnamed man is of his skull when he looks in the mirror. One thing I’ve learned from the Doctor is that even if someone says it’s not important, everything is important. Skulls can only mean one thing, death and since the Time Lord’s foe is the dalek, extermination means seeing the bones. I also want to know what the heck his memory wipes away when they talk about it. No one ever promised the Time War wouldn’t be secretive.

While the minisode doesn’t lend a ton the anticipation of Day of the Doctor, it does give us a glimpse into Arcadia and Galifrey which is always exciting. Any Towelites have thoughts on which regeneration of the Doctor we’re supposed to be viewing this through?

We also got a one shot from the actual movie on BBC One Show this week. It’s of Rose and Hurt in a little shack talking about wolves. Hmm… there’s nothing much more to say about this clip as it lends more secrecy and questions than it does answers. It does make me very very excited to see Rose again in The Day of the Doctor.

The Day of the Doctor airs on BBC on November 23, comes to theatres for a one night showing November 25 and comes to DVD December 3.

~Princess Marvel