My dearest Doctor,

First I have to admit that I’m something of a bandwagon jumper, I’m not the fan I wish I was when it comes to your work. You see, usually when I’m this in love with something it was because I was there when it wasn’t such a huge phenomenon, with you I cannot say that. I started watching because there was nothing else on to watch I supposed. Surprisingly (or not), it was the most magical and best hour of my life (it was The Empty Child episode) and from that moment on I was a fiend. I couldn’t get enough of you. I started from your very first recorded voyage and no matter what face you took on, I still loved you.

I also need to apologize to you, dear Doctor, because it hasn’t been until recently that I’ve publicly professed my love for you. I worry that people who don’t know you or people who don’t like you will take me as one of those Whovians who dislike other regenerations that aren’t their favorite, or only talk about you. And while it’s true, most of my thoughts turn to your adventures and I do have my favorite regeneration (you’ll never get me to tell you which one is my favorite), I’ve blatantly spat at the lesson you’ve taught me: never ever be ashamed of who you are and never EVER worry about what people think of you.

My whole life I’ve been looking to the stars hoping to some how reach them, hoping to go beyond them to to other worlds and galaxies. To see the untouched, the bizarre and the magnificant. I’ve never stopped dreaming of the day I could, then I found you, the man of a thousand faces to take me to the places I’ve only dreamed of and places I’ve always wished to go, to meet the people we can only imagine.

Not only have I found a man who can take me anywhere my heart desires and provide adventure beyond belief, but I’ve found the best of humanity in you. You’ve never stopped believing in our confused, hopeful, horrible, beautiful species. You teach us that everyone is something, that no one is unimportant, that everyone deserves a chance, that in the grand scheme of things we are all equals. Most of all, that even our enemies deserve another option. I strive to be like you, dear Doctor.
For the last 50 years you’ve provided us a laugh, a cry and most of all hope. We haven’t just stayed home and made-believe we were with you on every single journey, oh no, we were there with you. We’ve learned how to be heroes in our own lives, how to hope even when it seems hopeless. Most of all we’ve learned there’s always something worth living for. Thank you, Doctor. Thank you for making us all your companions.

~Princess Marvel