Dragon Age Inquisition

Where does a company go with a franchise that had its first game in a series be ground breaking just to have the sequel to it be rushed and lame? I’m sure Bioware had to be asking themselves this question when it came to creating Dragon Age: Inquisition. In theory, the best people to turn to are the fans. What did they like about the first game, what did the hate about the second, etc. This is the theory of what a company should do and thankfully Bioware was listening to the fans.

If a company is trying to create another ground breaking game the standards, ideas, and creativity need to be extreme. Inquisition appears to be doing this, at least in relation to the first two Dragon Age games. Bioware is choosing to make Inquisition more open-ended and open-world (or should i say open-worlds with this one) in comparison to the more linear based story lines of its successors. Another feature is the in-game combat pause option. A player can now pause the game to change the camera to a more tactical view and give more strategic orders to you companions. This should allow for a more tactically creative combat style. The environments will now be more realistic. Bioware stated for example your boots can gather mud if your in a muddy environment, you will respond naturally to your surroundings such as your running and climbing appearance, and more. Just how big is this game? Fans have asked Bioware to compare it to the vastness of Skyrim. Bioware states that it is definitely comparable but not as overly-vast in areas.
With hopes of a dramatic story this game is looking to be amazing! Large, open areas, upgrade combat, beautiful art, and more! Bioware has set their sights high, lets hope that they can pull this one off!


-Dan Lee



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