Here we are over 24 hours since Dragon Age: Inquisition went live. I’ve played through the prologue and I’m already pretty excited about where it’s going. This article might contain spoilers because I can’t help myself.

You run into some familiar faces pretty early on, with the predictable predicament of “Oh yeah, there are some demons dragon-age-inquisitioncoming out of that glowy thing. You somehow were the only survivor and your hand is glowy.”

I’m paraphrasing here, but…I’m saving you some time. So far the game isn’t as intuitive as the first two were as far as controls and whatnot. Let me tell you about how long it took me to figure out the key for interacting with things…wait…how about I don’t. I have some reassignments to do with the keys.

It must really sound like I’m hating on it, which I’m not. It’s actually very, very cool so far. The graphics are far better than the games before it, showing an evolution and the glory that is the Frostbite 3 engine. I’m also really impressed that EA didn’t force a day one DLC on us like they have with every other release over the last five years.

The “tactical” top-down view makes its return with the game as well as the ability to change which team mate you are playing. This is a feature I wish had been incorporated into Mass Effect because it’s just so convenient. I’m not awesome at assigning attacks so I’m not as efficient as I could be.

I’ll have more information as I continue to play through. I started a new job this week (yay for other reasons) but I will have a better review for you soon!

Until then, look, shiny!