Let me start off by saying that this is just a RUMOR at the moment. Nothing is set in stone, but the people over at Latino-Review are reporting that Drew Goddard (Buffy, Cloverfield) is in talks to be the writer and director of the upcoming Spider-Man film from Marvel and Sony. The film will be called The Spectacular Spider-Man and will basically be the only film that Sony will have planned for the Web Slinger; as they will scrap all of the other planned films. Sorry, Aunt May and All-Female Cast Spidey Movies.

drew-goddardWe recently talked about The Amazing Spider-Merger on Those Geeks You Know and speculated as to what we could expect from the next Spidey film. According to LR, it would be a new introduction to the character. No more origin, and Peter Parker would be played by a younger man; most likely a teenager. Right now, Logan Lerman and Dylan O’Brien are up for the role, but being in their early-twenties may make them too old for the role.

The other piece of information, and what I think is the most important behind Drew ‘Freaking’ Goddard being put in place of writing and directing, is the plot of the film. Goddard was supposed to be working on a Sinister Six film; and he still may get his chance with The Sensational Spider-Man. This film could lay the ground work for future SS films; but first it’s going to start off with a fight. Apparently Spidey will go against Iron Man as a way to audition for The Avengers. This part doesn’t seem that feasible to me and it’s the only part of the rumor that I think is untrue.

Robert Downey Jr. doesn’t SEEM like he’s going any where for a while, but I just don’t see him making an appearance in this new Spider-Man film. He’s definitely going to be in Civil War and it’s there where I think we’ll see Spider-Man make his appearance. Maybe at a Press Conference where Peter Parker takes off his mask, maybe Jameson asks him to take pictures of The Avengers, maybe he’s reading a newspaper at home and sees The Avengers in there. I don’t know, but those all make more sense to me. Also, Tony Stark doesn’t just start fighting people to show off how great his tech is. I doubt he’d say “Hey man, you wanna join our team? Well you need to get through ME first.” I don’t buy it and I hope it doesn’t happen.

spider-man and iron man

Regardless of the eventual plot, I’m still excited about a new Spider-Man film. I’m also glad that Goddard is possible attached. He’s recently finished his writing times on Daredevil, which drops it’s first season on Neflix on April 10th. Obviously Marvel is happy enough with that to keep him in their family, and they like to make creative choices with their franchises; so though this is a rumor at this time, it would not surprise me if this is officially announced soon.

Stay Tooned as more information comes out about The Sensational Spider-Man and the Sony/Marvel/ Spider-Man Merger!