Jackie first turned all of us on to the magical tabletop role-playing card game, Drinking Quest. She donated to the Kickstarter because it involved playing a game and drinking beer, two of her favorite things. After that, I reached out to Jason Anarchy, it’s creator and we set up an interview which you can read HERE. He also sent us over the Drinking Quest comic which we reviewed HERE.

Months later, we finally got our hands on the fabled Trilogy Edition of Drinking Quest. Jackie, Don, Jesse, and myself got our bottles of brew, packets of Soylent and whiskey, and got going on playing a game that will very much leave all of our lives changed forever. We decided to tape our exploits and you can check them out below!

Make sure to check out the Drinking Quest website to get your hands on this amazing game, Like them on Facebook, and follow them on the Twitters! Grab your friends, some drinks, and get your hands on this most epic of all tabletop games!