If you loved (or backed) Drinking Quest, then you will probably also like Drinking Quest: Issue #1 by the same team.

Follow Chuglox, Lady Daiquirin, Malty and his Army of Lemons, Bartlebut and Annoying Sidekick as they go on Chuglox’s Drinking-Quest-1quest from the Gods(?).

It’s got drinking, humor, goblins, sex appeal and all the things you’d want in an adventure and embodies the spirit of an RPG series centered around drinking. If…you didn’t catch that Daiquirin and Malty are references to booze. And if you didn’t…well…why are you still reading?

While the story fit the “hero on a mission” trope well, the banter was funny and the characters were fleshed out enough for them not to feel like they were just taking up space. Even the Annoying Sidekick (SPOILER: if he stole all of my bacon I would have thrown him out of the group the minute I smelled pork on his breath. I’m not even joking) had his merits. This installment is light on actual fighting, but nothing feels like it is there for the sole purpose of existing.

If you are not familiar with RPGs, drinking or both, you may still enjoy the fantastical elements of the story but this may not be your cup of tea. If you love all of these things, you will be pleased with the title.

Aside from the obvious drinking humor, there is implied nudity and sexual content in the title and it is recommended for readers 17 and older.

Backers that contributed more than $5 received the comic as part of their Kickstarter rewards. Everyone else can buy it at comixology.com for $3.99. If you’d like to learn more about Drinking Quest from the creator himself, check out our interview with Jason Anarchy HERE.


Disclosure: I did back the game on Kickstarter and will be providing a full review (complete with actual gameplay) when the remastered trilogy ships in the fall. Stay tuned to DFAT for more!