We all know that Fox owns the rights to two of the biggest Marvel Comics properties and they are just dying to put them together into one film, and they may have a golden opportunity to do so in this year’s X-Men: Days of Future PastRumors swelled recently on the interwebs of a X-Men versus Fantastic Four movie, but they were quickly shot down. With Days of Future Past (2014) and Apocolypse (2016) announced, and no real news from Josh Trank’s F4 reboot, besides a 2015 release date, everyone asked how could a movie of this scope happen so quickly?! Well of course the rumor was quickly debunked, but as I sat reading my Days of Future Past TPB the other night something crossed my mind when I saw this panel:

graves_future_past_x-men-610x214What if we were at least teased with the names of Marvel’s first family, say on a tombstone! I don’t really think it’s a far-fetched idea and Fox doesn’t have to go crazy and quickly cast and throw in an actor to play the part of any of the F4 characters, but to really get the fans excited this would be the perfect opportunity to show that there is a shared world! Also don’t forget that Franklin Richards, the son of Sue and Reed, makes an appearance in the series as well, yet is quickly dispatched:

franklin-richards-dofpThis is another character that they could easily just throw into the movie to plant the seeds of the studios’ master plan! That’s of course if they really want to try and compete with the monster that is Marvel Studios/Disney. One of the craziest moments from the comic is when you realize that the Sentinels not only hunted Mutants, but also saw super-powered beings as a threat, so Fox here is your perfect opportunity to get your Marvel Universe started! I’m sure that this concept has crossed Mark Millar’s mind, and I am hoping for it to be true. Though there are many differences already set in motion between the comic and the movie, there is still plenty of room for some great easter eggs to get thrown in there. So what do you think Towelites? Is this a far-fetched idea, or are you on board for introducing the Fantastic Four in a dystopian future?! Sound off in the comments below!



X-Men Days of Future Past poster


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