This is a review for Issue 3 for Edward Scissorhands. You can read the reviews of issue ONE and TWO by clicking on their links.


It’s the first Edward Scissorhands issue of 2015, and boy is it a good one. This is my first time edward scissorhands #4.2reading a comic that’s based of a pre-existing universe and the experience has been a unique one. Like many people, I loved the Tim Burton film and always wondered what it was like for Edward after the events of the movie. What happened when he was hidden away in his castle, isolated and alone. I love that Kate Leth and Drew Rausch are picking up his story for a whole new generation of fans.

The third issue starts off right where the last one left off, Megan finally found Edward and confirmed what he grandmother, Kim, had been talking about for all of those years. He is real and he’s just as edward scissorhands #4.4enchanting and terrifying as Kim described in the diary that Megan has held on to. Edward begins to tell Megan about how he’s brought Eli to life and now the killer robot is loose in the town.

You can almost hear Johnny Depp talking as you read the words on the page. Soft spoken, a little frightened, and always curious; Edwards comic translation is perfect. I’m also glad that Megan is a lot like her grandmother in a lot of ways, as it makes her easily relatable to the character that Winona Ryder brought to life.

This issue was a lot more creepy than the previous two, as we’re trying to find Eli and Megan comes face-to-face with just how horrifying Edward can be perceived. edward scissorhands #4.3He attempts to stop her from leaving his castle for example, and ends up accidentally cutting her backpack. She’s also frightened when she first comes into Edwards home and sees blood everywhere
from when Eli killed the animals in the castle. Unlike Edward, Eli doesn’t seem to mind killing things that get in the way of his clawed hands. We also don’t know if this is just a way for him to explore his surroundings, of if there is something truly sinister about the robot.

The next issue will have Megan and Edward on the look out for Eli. I believe this is going to have to draw Edward to the outside world; which could have devasting consequences. Her mom is already on the warpath about him, and the townspeople will probably be reminded of the murder he was blamed for. I can’t wait to find out how it all plays out! Another great issue with Leth doing a fantastic job of setting us back in the familiar and Rausch making us fall deeper into the bizarre and beautiful. Great teamwork and a fantastic series so far.


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edward scissorhands #4.1