This is a review for Issue 5 for Edward Scissorhands. You can read the reviews of issue ONE, TWO, THREE, and FOUR by clicking on their links.

The end of a first arc in comic books is always bitter sweet. You get things wrapped up but you’re also eagerly anticipating what’s going to happen next to the characters you’ve been getting to know over the first issues. When I started reading the Edward Scissorhands by Kate Leth and Drew Rausch back in October, I didn’t know what to expect. I had been a fan of the film as a teenage through adulthood, and I was worried the comic wouldn’t do proper justice to the Tim Burton original. I couldn’t have been more surprised through these first five issues.

Edward Scissorhands #5.2This comic wraps up the adventures of Meg finding Edward and having to stop the curiously evil creation, Eli. Throughout the issues, Eli has been searching for a heart. Given that he has the same clawed-hand affliction as Edward, his journey of discovery has not been an easy one. I felt bad for him through this issue, as you can tell he didn’t necessarily want to be evil; but he couldn’t help it. Sometimes finding yourself can be messy, when you have razor sharp hands, it can be downright bloody.

Edward Scissorhands #5.1Leth and Rausch don’t shy away from going dark in this issue. It’s been teetering here and there between comedy and horror the entire series; but this issue keeps dark tones throughout it and gets pretty scary in the parts between Eli and Edward. Leth’s writing puts us into the characters mindset, as they have to deal with the angry townspeople, a kidnapped child, and a semi-murderous robot.

As always, Rausch is right there to compliment the writing. There’s also a scene where Rausch beautifully creates a forest that’s very reminiscent of the one in The Nightmare Before Christmas and its fantastic. I was grinning at the comparisons and the way he could seamlessly shift from the darker tones to those of the bright colors in the day time.

Overall, I have loved this first arc and I can’t wait to see where things go in the upcoming issues. Leth recently sat down with CBR to discuss the future of the series and it seems like we’re in for even more of a treat with all of these characters. As it continues, I’ll keep covering it and I hope you will keep buying it and supporting it.

Make sure to check out Edward Scissorhands #5 on IDW. You can also check out my interview with Leth, as she discusses Edward, Fraggle Rock, and more HERE.

Edward Scissorhands #5.3