I can remember the first time that I watched Edward Scissorhands. I had seen bits and pieces of it on television, but never watching the whole thing. Finally, when I was old enough to know who Tim Burton and Danny Elfman were, I watched it with the set of eyes of someone who was expecting to be thrilled. I was not disappointed. The imagery with the harsh black Edward2and whites of Edward (Johnny Depp), contrasted against the extremely bright colors Kim (Winona Ryder) and her family; was a thing of brilliance. Throw in another wonderfully composed score by Elfman, and what you have is cinematic perfection.

So, here I am reading the first issue of the IDW comic sequel to Edwards Scissorhands by Kate Leth and illustrated by Drew Rausch. I have a lot of expectations being such a huge fan of the movie, and like most people out there I’m thinking to myself, “How does one continue the stories of Edward?”. Let me tell you, by putting it in comic form and having Drew and Kate work their wizardry on it, that’s how.

I should probably mention that I am listening to the movie soundtrack as I type this article and read the comic as well. I figured nothing would get me more in the mood; but let’s get to this review! First, I’m a huge fan of the art by Drew. It’s very reminiscent of Burton’s drawings and it fits well with the story. There’s also little homages to some of his other works, like The Nightmare Before Christmas, so pay attention!

The artwork also sets the tone for the rest of the story, as you’re introduced to Kim’s granddaughter as she seeks out the truth Edward-Scissorhands-Comicabout Edward. You get to see the same stark contrasts as the movie, as the rich colors of the outside scenery are set against the hues inside of Edwards castle.

Kate does a great job of getting us reacquainted to the story of Edward, without beating us over the head that it’s a continuation and “this is what happened on our last episode of Edward Scissorhands.” I was able to jump right in to this new world and not feel out of place. I also liked the character of the granddaughter and Edward discovering a new friend of his own.

Since, it’s just the first issue, there are lots of places to go with the story. This did a great job of reestablishing the old world, while gracefully introducing the new one. There’s a ton of variant covers to get for the comic including the one that I picked up at NYCC by Gabriel Rodriguez (Locke & Key). Also, what’s super great, is the ‘Clippings’ section in the back, where readers submit their own stories about angst and Edward and other things, and Drew, Kate, and their editor all contribute stories back with them. It’s a fantastic idea and they’ve received an overwhelming response from it.

Be sure to check out Edward Scissorhands from IDW today at you local Comic Book Shop and Stay Tooned to DFAT for your review of Issue #2!

Edward Scissorhands Variant Gabriel Rodriguez