I love well produced films, whether live action or animated, movie or television show, feature length or shorts.  When quality goes behind something, you can enjoy it whoever it’s served.

Blur has provided this as part of the recent Elder Scrolls Online release.  You may have in fact seen the first one, which pits 3 different characters, each their own class, race and agenda, in an action packed scene where they all end up confronting each other.


As an under 6 min short, it represented the different characters you can have and the world you can play in.  It was well done and it definitely got you hyped (I know I was).  But what you may not have known (I know I didn’t), was that there were two follow up videos that worked as trailers, but also continued the story in what seems to be a pretty epic battle between good and evil of some sort (or in this case, maybe Tamriel’ans VS some dark dimension).

Watched in a row, the almost 20 min short is great;  so good, Hollywood could take some notes when dealing with fantasy stories.  Check it out below.




Is it me, or does it seem like there could be more coming?  I certainly hope so, because this definitely gets a two thumbs up in my book.

We’ll keep an eye on this here at Don’t Forget a Towel, and let you know if anything new comes up.  In the meantime, check out the slideshow below with some of the concept art in creating this awesomeness.


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