If you’re anything like me, you spent many-an-hour sinking your life into The Elder Scrolls video games. I enjoyed Oblivion to some extent, but I loved Morrowind and Skyrim. I would spent hours throughout the countryside, looking for a giant to pummel or a dragon to punch with my Elvin Amour.

Now, we are seeing the release of The Elder Scrolls Online. A game that is a subscription-based MMORPG the likes of World of Warcraft. Since it’s a game from Bethesda, it could very well rival it’s competitors in scale and playability. By the looks of their launch trailer below, it looks like we’re all in for a heck of a fun time.

Here’s a brief synopsis:

[box_light]The Elder Scrolls Online is an MMORPG set on Nirn, the same world seen in single-player RPG’s like SkyrimMorrowind and OblivionTESO takes place several hundred years before those other games, though. Players will travel across the continent in Tamriel to stop daedric prince Molag Bal from taking over the world. In their journey from level 1 to 50, they’ll face many enemies including cultists, werewolves and the undead.[/box_light]

The Elder Scrolls® Online will be available worldwide on right now for PC and Mac users. Versions for the PlayStation®4 system and the Xbox One® will be arriving on retail shelves in June 2014.