Emma Stone is ‘The Girl Next Door’ in my eyes.  Her roles always peg her as being that. Maybe not so much in Zombieland but she still had that innocent side.  This summer, she blew me away as Gwen Stacey in The Amazing Spiderman. I think anyone who saw the movie could attest that she played the character with grace and humor and a subtle sexiness.  No wonder Peter Parker was so enamored! So, it was a little shocking to see the photoset below. Stone had a shoot with Interview Magazine and decided to channel her best “Replicant.” The photos feature her in a tight-noirish outfits, whilst a bunch of Euro-trash Harrison Ford wannabes stand around looking like Zoolander.  I’m not too sold on the pictures because I’m used to seeing Stone a certain “way;” but I’m sure there will be plenty of you geeks who enjoy!