Some Geeky Things that I Know In Life

  • Spider-Man has always been, and will always be my favorite Superhero, tied with Batman
  • Star Wars is referred to as The Holy Trilogy, because the prequels don’t quite fit and the new ones have yet to be seen
  • Escape From New York is a must see for all people of all ages for all times.

That last one is just a precursor to this article, but it’s also a fact. Do you remember the first time you saw the John Carpenter and Kurt Russell classic? Snake was a complete and utter badass. The music is the escape-new-york-0_zps916639b6stuff of legend; and don’t even get me started on the luscious Adrienne Barbeau.

It seems that Hollywood agrees with my sentiments, as it turns out that Fox has won the rights to do a remake of the film. Does this bother me? Not really. I used to be mad about remakes until my cousin Chris, of Gourmet Scum Radio and Warlock Home Video, pointed out to me the simple fact that the remake is not the original and my original film is always there. Untainted and unsullied and always there when I need it. So, aside from the film, Wet Heat, which is an amazing EFNY homage; I’m sure the Hollywood one will be OKAY.

Honestly, that story is so freaking good, the movie just may be pretty damn cool. The only problem is the lack of Kurt Russell. He’s made the character so iconic, heck, even Hideo Kojima from the Metal Gear games named and referenced their character directly from EFNY. John Carpenter is set to come in as a “creative influence” which translates to me as him collecting a check and possibly throwing a track on the soundtrack.

As more news comes out about this remake, we’ll be sure to keep you posted here at DFAT. In the meantime, enjoy this preview for Wet Heat and enjoy the ecstasy and the agony!