More designs! Bigger goals! More opportunities to be epic!

Espionage Cosmetics, for those not in the know, is a company that specializes in providing beauty enhancers for lady-shaped geeks. Currently the company offers a selection of nail wraps (which are like instant manicures that give you nail designs with minimal effort and last longer than a typical nail polish application), eye, and lip cosmetics.

Nailed it Kickstarter 02The company launched a successful Kickstarter previously. This time around, they are more ambitious with a goal of $75k with promises of bigger, better stretch goals.

The plan is for twelve new designs if they hit their target, with more being possible with more donations. Among those teased in the Kickstarter page are a Mermaid design (swoon!), a collection of nebulas, Little Vampires and a Clive Barker-inspired set of nail wraps.

The company hopes to offer more accessories, wearables, and jewelry in addition to their nail wraps. Backers will receive exclusive access to certain designs (if you check out their website, the astronomically priced ones were backer exclusives for their first campaign).

Nailed it Kickstarter 03Also, contributions will fund the next phase of nerdy manicure awesomeness with holographic, heat-reactive, and mirror print nails, which would debut in 2015.

Even if you’re not looking to contribute, it’s worth it to check out the stunning models. They made a girl up to look like a Trill. I’m serious. Go see it.