The Divinity trilogy from Valiant Comics and creative team Matt Kindt and Trevor Hairsine is one of my favorite series from the publisher. Kicking off this month is Eternity, a new mini-series spinning out of the pages of Divinity.

If you are a fan of comics like Jack Kirby’s New Gods and more into mind-bending storytelling and artistry, then Eternity may be right up your alley.

The story centers around Divinity, aka Abram Adams, and his family. In another dimension, The Observer has passed and the beings of this realm, Eternity, are looking for a replacement. On Earth, Abram and his comrade Myshka awake to their child missing, abducted by the denizens of this unknown realm. Now the two must travel to Eternity to reclaim their child and discover a whole new world filled with gods, cosmic beings, new adversaries and more!

The art in this book is gorgeous as Hairsine does an amazing job painting this newly created universe that will spark stories to come for years. Kindt as always is at the top of his game as he delivers another hit for Valiant. The first issue is due out on October 25th, so make sure to have your local shop pull it for you. If you haven’t had the opportunity to read Divinity don’t fret, this book is a good jumping on point and you can always go back and read the trilogy for the backstory. So, if beautiful art, stellar storytelling and sci-fi adventure is your thing; then I highly recommend that you give Eternity a shot!