Following the unexpected success of their April 2014 April Fool’s gag on the site, which hasn’t been updated since 2010, co-creator Matt Chapman announced the site could be making a comeback soon.

In his interview with the Jeff Rubin Show podcast, Chapman had this to say:

“When we did that April Fools’ update this year, way more people looked at it than we ever even imagined would have at this point. Our goal — we did that thing as sort of a test to get back into doing it. We’d love to start making things again.”

The new content will be hitting the inter webs sometime this fall. Burning questions such as “Are Homestar and Marzipan still a thing?” “Is Strongbad up to Windows XP yet?” and…naturally, will their be a crossover between Game of Thrones and Trogdor the Burninator?

Were you glued to your computer during the 2000s? What do YOU hope they bring back? (I’m personally hoping for new episodes of Teen Girl Squad).