When I first heard that they were going to remake The Evil Dead, I didn’t have any desire to see it. Then I thought of just how cheesy the movie is, and realized that Sam Raimi himself remade it with Evil Dead 2; which was amazing. The more footage that gets released from the film, the more excited I am. Fede Alvarez seems to have a keen high for creeping people out, and seems to be the director to usher in a new era of horror.

Raimi and Bruce Campbell both give the film their blessing and are serving as producers. Watching this trailer is geniunely scary and only solidifies the marketing campaign of The Evil Dead as being “the most terrifying film you will experience.” If you watch the red-band trailer while visiting DaretoShareYourScare.com you can have your reaction recorded to share with your friends; or you can watch the video below!

The Evil Dead opens April 12th, 2013 and stars Jane LevyShiloh FernandezJessica LucasLou Taylor Pucci, and Elizabeth Blackmore.