Here is the teaser trailer to the new Warlock Home Video release of Chris Seaver‘s remake to Todd Jason Cook‘s classic 1992 SOV horror, EVIL NIGHT

Pre order now form Warlock Home Video, movie will officially be released and is being released in October.

Co-Starring Adult Film Star Marilyn Mayson!

Based on the classic 1992 shot on VHS horror film by Director Todd Jason Cook, This remake of EVIL NIGHT takes a decidedly campy turn by Chris Seaver ( Sexsquatch, Teenape Goes To Camp, Terror At Blood Fart Lake) and Warlock Home Video. Jimmy Fisher ( Josh Suire) is the typical nerd who finds himself being the butt of a prank, perpetrated by a group of college kids. One of the pranksters, Jennifer ( Meredith Host) is the girl of Jimmy’s dreams and when he finds out she was a part of his humiliation, he sets out on a night of cooky, carnal killing, with the help of an experimental telekinetic potion he whips up, of course! Witness the laugh out loud terror as Jimmy goes from harmless geek to full on REVENGE of the nerd….for real.

Scream Time Film Presents-A Warlock Home Video Production-A Chris Seaver film-EVIL NIGHT-

Starring Josh Suire-Meredith Host-Marilyn Mayson-Heather Maxon-Francine Mitchell-Olivia Young-Bill Thomas-Gary Carper-Cinematography by Clint Kelly-Music by Chan Walrus-Edited by Chris Seaver-Executive Produced by Alan Barclay, Michael Nelson and Todd Jason Cook-Written, Produced and Directed by Chris Seaver

This is the 62nd flick from Chris Seaver and his Warlock Home Video/LBP crew since 1991!!