I LOVE Marvel’s First Family and I can not wait for the Fantastic Four to make their debut in the MCU. It’s a good sign to see these collectibles from Funko make their way to our collective shelves as it can only mean that more and more merch featuring the F4 is on the way! For now, feast your eyes on the epic number of vinyl figures that you won’t want to pass up for your collection!

Bring a touch of the fantastic to your collection with a Mystery Mini series including Mister Fantastic, a stretched version of Mister Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, Thing, Doctor Doom, Silver Surfer, Galactus, Mole Man, Namor, Super-Skrull and Terrax.

A Mystery Mini series available exclusively at Target includes Thing, Invisible Woman (in suit) and Human Torch.

A Mystery Mini series available exclusively at GameStop includes Silver Surfer in a new pose, Invisible Woman (transitional) and Doctor Doom in a new pose.

Round out the collection with Pop! Mister Fantastic, Pop! Invisible Woman, Pop! Human Torch, Pop! Thing, Pop! Mole Man, Pop! Doctor Doom, Pop! Silver Surfer, Pop! H.E.R.B.I.E., Pop! Super-Skrull and Pop! Galactus.

Pop! Thing wearing a disguise is available as a Barnes and Noble exclusive, Pop! Invisible Woman is available as a GameStop exclusive, Pop! Human Torch Glow in the Dark is available as a Funko Specialty Series exclusive, Pop! Human Torch is available as a Hot Topic exclusive and a 10” Pop! Thing is available as a Target exclusive.

Coming soon!