I’m going to honest with you, I was always more of a Freddy fan growing up as a kid. Jason Voorhees didn’t do much for me. It seemed like his big “thing” was just punching someone’s head off, or stabbing them with a harpoon. I didn’t realize just how much more there was to Jason. I know, just writing that is kind of hilarious; but it’s true.


The thing that makes Friday the 13th have such a following, is that it is so simplistic. A special needs kid gets neglected by his conselors, he drowns, his mom gets revenge, they kill the mom, the kid was alive the whole time and vows to kill all of them. Simple. Ok, so it’s not super simple but the way the series is handled past the first film doesn’t really get any more complicated than that. You have sex, you do drugs, you die. Game Over.

Jason doesn’t care what you look like. What gender you are. If you fat or skinny. If you believe in God or Allah. He will find you, and he will kill you. He can’t die. It’s never explained why. It was the 80’s. You could have a kid turn into a werewolf and suddenly be great at basketball during those times. It was awesome!

jason x

What I’ve come to appreciate throughout the years is that Jason is pretty timeless. They got a little wonky with Jason X being all cybernetic and thrown in space, but at his core he’s never changed. He’s a hulking brute of pure evil that doesn’t stop killing. No quips like Freddy, no Hillbilly family like Leatherface. Just a dude in a hockey mask, that’s hell-bent on ruining your camping trip.

So, today, being Friday the 13th, we’re lucky to have TWO amazing Jason collectibles coming our way.

First up, is the COMPLETE Friday the 13th series, bluray boxset. It’s the first time we’ve had all the films in stunning 1080p! It’s about $100 bucks and you can get it from Amazon. I’m pumped to see the other films that haven’t had the blu format, especially part VII. Though, the story is so different than the other movies; it has the sleeping bag death gag.

Friday the 13th bluray boxset

We’re also seeing the Crystal Lake Memories documentary. 8 hours of pure Jason! I’ve been waiting for this one since it’s been announced. If it’s anything like the Nightmare on Elm Street: Never Sleep Again docu; then fans are in for the ultimate treat!

Crystal Lake Memories

Anytime I think of Friday the 13th, the Alice Cooper song ‘Man Behind the Mask’ starts playing in my head. The song is from Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives and it will forever be associated with the killer wearing a hockey mask.

So, what’s your favorite Jason movie? Is it Corey Feldman as Tommy Jarvis in Part IV? Or when Jason and Freddy battled to the death and Jason reigned supreme! (or did he?) Or maybe you go for the classic 3D of Part III. Sound off in the comments section, and have a GHOULISH Friday the 13th! Ch-ch-ch-ah-aha-ah!!!