Far-Back Fridays is a column dedicated to paying homage to our geeks of yester-year. There will be reviews and trailers and sights/smells/sounds from back-in-the-geekly-day. We here at DFAT want to honor our past, so we know where we will head into the FUTURE!

In the first edition of Far-Back Fridays, I’ll be giving a review of the 1985 “boner-comedy” MISCHIEF. The movie stars this creepy little blonde nerd named, Johnathon, who is played by Doug McKeon. His motivation through the movie is to lose his virginity to high-school sweetheart, Marilyn, played by a still-attractive, Kelly Preston.  The movie is classic 80’s cheese, except in a COMPLETE twist of genre-bending proportions, the movie takes place in the 1950’s. I know? Totally wild. Except unlike another wickedly amazing movie of 1985, Back to the Future; this movie is horrible and going back in time makes it even more dated and unoriginal.

I feel bad for the existence of this movie, because the actors seemed to really think they were making a good movie. The acting actually is pretty great from Chris Nash, as Jonathan’s Cyrano, Marilyn McCauley (Weekend at Bernies, Last Starfighter), and Jamie Gertz (Lost Boys, Entourage). Also, the director Mel Damske went on to direct a bunch of TV Shows like Psych and Ally McBeal.

If you’d like to check out Mischief, you can stream it on YouTube or purchase it here through Amazon.