Well Towelites it’s been a year since my last Far Back Friday article! I am back and in tradition of the game we were playing I will be counting down the Top Five Geekly Roles of Jack Nicholson! I already know who I am going to feature next time (any guesses?), but let’s tackle the man of the hour first. So here we go!

Top Five Geekly Roles of Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson Wolf

5. Wolf as Will Randall

Whenever I think of Jack Nicholson I always can see him this role. Though this movie isn’t the greatest werewolf movie out there, the character still works for him.

Jack Nicholson Mars Attacks4. Mars Attacks! as President James Dale/Art Land

Jack as the President? Why not, who wouldn’t want to see a country run by him?!  Spoiler alert, they kill him. Oh he plays a dual role in this flick as well. He plays Art Land, a land developer who also meets his end thanks to the aliens. Apparently aliens don’t like Jack as much as we do.

Jack Nicholson Witches of Eastwick3. The Witches of Eastwick as Daryl Van Horne

Three hot witches. Creepy ass Jack Nicholson. A George Miller film. Thank you very much.

Jack Nicholson shining2. The Shining as Jack Torrance

Here’s Johnny! Maybe one of his most iconic and well known roles. Jack took audiences to a new level of terror and paranoia.

Jack Nicholson Joker1. Batman as The Joker

You guessed it the minute you read the title of this article. This role is at the top and it is easily understandable. Though he doesn’t play the full psychopath that so many have been begging for as the movie-verse Joker, Jack’s portrayal is top-notch and gives Caesar Romero’s classic villain a great update. It will be hard for Leto to knock him off his throne, but I’m kinda hoping he does.