Remember sitting down and watching a movie that would turn out to change your life forever? I do. I was a wee lad, and it was a rainy day. My family couldn’t afford cable, so we would just watch movies all the time that we rented from the local video store. Between Pippi Longstocking and the GI Joe movie, that my sister and I watched REPEATEDLY; I think my mom decided to save herself a little sanity and rent this weird movie about a bunch of kids who go looking for a lost treasure. That movie of course was, THE GOONIES.

From that moment on, I was completely hooked. I had never seen such hi-jinx, such friendships amongst kids, such ADVENTURE! These kids were doing things that we could only dream of. I don’t know what kid, that had any sort of imagination, didn’t want to go look for a buried treasure; and these kids got to do that! There were booby traps, an evil family of thieves, a weird mutant, and most of all, a pirate ship!  The Goonies was the best mix of everything that I ever wanted out of my childhood.

Even today, I still watch The Goonies on a regular basis. When someone hasn’t seen the movie, I HAVE to show it to them. I want them to fall in love with it like I have.  Whenever I watch it, the score grabs me and I have to hum along.  I laugh at the jokes before they come. Also, I see something new everytime I watch it. Either in the attic of the Goondocks house, or in One-Eyed Willy’s ship, or just something I never noticed before.  The movie is so HUGE. You can’t help yourself, you instantly become one of those kids and see this world in their eyes.  You start thinking, “well what would I do if this happened to me?” “Would I even be able to do this, if MY parents house were up to become a golf course?”

    I recently got the bluray with the boardgame in it, seen here. If you haven’t seen it in 1080p or watched the commentary with ALL the actors, all grown up; I urge you to get it now. Of course, Corey Feldman is still “mouth” and does most of the talking over everyone else; but it’s really awesome to hear all your favorite Goonies talking about their experiences on the film.

    What’s funny, is what I associate most with The Goonies, is the song by Cyndi Lauper, “Goonies ‘R Good Enough” That song MADE the film. Also, the music video is epic. It’s told in 2 parts, and its an homage to the movie itself. It also includes a deleted scene of the kids getting attacked by a giant squid, that never even made it into the final film. So, I’ll leave you with the music video. I hope you enjoy The Goonies as much as I do; and if you have yet to see it, well get on it, don’t be a FRATELLI!

Original artwork from KaffePanna