The love between a Doctor and his Companion(s) is without bounds, it is genuine, pure, unconditional love. For someone to trust somebody else so much is a beautiful thing, and we get to watch their relationships begin, develop and end.

Rose Tyler Billie Piper sexyLet’s start with the best of the best, Rose Tyler. The relationship between Rose and The Doctor is one of the best television relationships in the history of, well, television! To this day she is my favorite companion (Amy and Rory are a CLOSE second, which I will explain shortly.) Honestly though, the love they had for each other, the trust, the humor, the silliness was just amazing. Starting with Eccleston, Rose was whisked from her normal, everyday monotonous life working in a department store when The Doctor came along and changed it all for her. From the moment she helped save the world from the crazy mannequin aliens The Doctor knew she was the one he wanted with him at all times. Now, I liked her with Eccleston, but I have to say I LOVED her with Tennant. Then they brought Mickey and Jackie into the game and it made it even better. I didn’t ever want it to end, but when she got trapped in a parallel universe there wasn’t much else they could do. The pain The Doctor went through from losing Rose was excruciating to watch. When they brought her back for End of Time I was a blubbering mess, when she and The Doctor ran to each other, UGH! Heartbreaking! Personally, I feel like Rose Tyler will forever be The Doctor’s first true love.

David Tenant Martha Jones

Then we move on to Martha Jones. I liked Martha, I had no problem with her, but she is my least favorite companion to date. Funny how seeing her pop up in Torchwood made me excited, but when she was on Doctor Who I really didn’t care. Don’t get me wrong, I never hated her, she didn’t annoy me, she just was “blah” to me I guess. The fact that she blatantly fawned over The Doctor kind of irritated me, but I can understand why she had feelings for him. She did help, and she’s insanely smart and had her moments, but still, Martha Jones is at the bottom of my Companion list.

After Martha decides that she is done traveling with The Doctor he finds himself in a predicament, and who is there with him? The always funny, ridiculously entertaining Donna Noble! What can I say about the relationship between Donna and The Doctor? Oh man, I just loved them together. Donna is hilarious! She was strong willed, bull headed and just a pain in the butt sometimes, but it was fun to watch them have donna noble and doctor whotheir adventures together. And Gramps/Wilf, come on! He is one of my favorites too! That silly old man obsessed with space, always watching the sky with his telescope, dreaming. I was so excited for him when he was actually in space! When The Doctor had to let go of Donna it was bitter sweet. I didn’t want to see her go, but she was really only a one season Companion.

Then we have my second, pretty much tied for first place duo, Amy and Rory. Amelia Pond, the girl who waited and Rory Williams, The Last Centurion. The undying love these two had for each other was beautiful. No matter what, it’s always Amy and Rory. And their relationship with The Doctor was the most realistic they’ve had on the show. Amy and The Doctor are best friends, she tells him everything, they get giddy and jump up and down because they found Vampires in Venice or there’s a new planet to explore. No matter what happens to Amy, The Doctor is there, protecting her and loving her as only a best friend could.

doctor who rory amy

But then there’s Rory, also protecting Amy, but in a completely different way. He and The Doctor have a good relationship, but there’s always some tension and jealousy they have towards each other. More than once Rory has told The Doctor off because of how he’s constantly putting Amy in danger. He has punched him in the face, stood up to him and been there to protect Amy (for over 2,000 years!) when The Doctor couldn’t. The three of them went through good and bad together, and became a family. I understand why The Doctor let them go, he no longer wanted them to be in danger, wanted to make sure they lived a happy life together, he even got them a house and a car. But I was so sad when they said goodbye. I didn’t want it to end, because honestly, I’ve had the most fun watching the three of them together.

I’m just about to start season 7 now, I know, I’m a little behind, so I haven’t met Clara yet. Though I’ve heard wonderful things about her, so I’m sure I’ll love her too. But right now, no one will compare with Rose, Amy and Rory.

I guess that’s it in a nutshell. Comments and discussions are appreciated. Tell me who your favorite was/is. Who is your Doctor? What’s your favorite episode?

~The CheriMonster