Who is the man? Sam Jackson that’s who. This man has one of the most diverse acting resumes around and I’m sure you can name more than just five roles that he excelled in. Well I’m keeping this all before the turn of the century so maybe in 20 years or so I’ll come back and do his roles from the 2000’s. For now enjoy these fine selections!

Sam Jackson JP5.) Jurassic Park as Arnold

This may be one of the first films I remember seeing SLJ in. He didn’t have a big role, but his snarkiness definitely stood out. He of course becomes dino food eventually like most people did in that flick.

Sam Jackson DH4.) Die Hard with a Vengeance as Zeus Carver

This hot-headed shop owner/activist helps John McClaine track down the bad guys in the third installment of the Die Hard franchise. NOBODY plays a hot-head like SLJ, NOBODY.

Sam Jackson DBS3.) Deep Blue Sea as Russell Franklin

Probably one of the most shocking deaths ever in film history! Just when you think it’s safe to be a biggest name actor in a film you get the best death scene of the film. Oh sorry SPOILER ALERT!

Sam Jackson SW2.) Star Wars Episode I – The Phantom Menace as Mace Windu

SLJ asked George Lucas for a role in the Star Wars prequels, he even got to pick his own lightsaber color! It must be nice to be SLJ.

Sam Jackson PF1.) Pulp Fiction as Jules Winnfield

Hands down SLJ’s best role ever. He made this Tarantino film what it is today, a cult-classic. You will never forget the lines and will be quoting them for years to come!

So what do you think Towelites? Did you guess correctly? Well you have another chance! I’ll even accept requests, but only if you’ve figured this game out! See you next time!!