Noticing a pattern yet? If you can guess who my next list will be about I’ll give you a high five! Today we are taking a look back on the career of the talented and beautiful Elisabeth Shue!

Elisabeth Shue 01 5.) Julie Forester – Piranha 3D (2010)

Who didn’t love this cheesy horror movie?! SPOILER ALERT! Especially with a 3-D mutilated penis! Anywho, Shue plays the local cop who tries to save everyone but unfortunetly not even the combined power of her and Ving Rhames isn’t enough to take down this threat.

Elisabeth Shue 0024.) Linda McKay – Hollow Man (2000)

This star-studded horror movie was Shue’s first step into the 2000’s. Starring alongside the great Kevin Bacon, Shue did a great job at being stalked and then becoming badass enough to take down a very grody Bacon. Gotta love the under the covers scene, I mean what would you do if you were invisible?!

Elisabeth Shue 033.) Jennifer Parker – Back to the Future Parts II & III (1989/1990)

Strangely enough I’m a dumbass and never put 1 and 1 together to get 3. The other day I watched Part 2 in honor of 2015 and I was sitting there asking myself who plays Jennifer! Crazy… no wonder I always thought Jennifer was hot.

Elisabeth Shue 042.) Dr Emma Russel – The Saint (1997)

I love this movie. It actually helped to inspire this list that you are reading today. Shue plays the intelligent and beautiful Dr Russel who helps Simon Templar on his mission.

Elisabeth Shue 051.) Chris Parker – Adventures in Babysitting (1987)

My FAVORITE Elisabeth Shue role ever. My favorite Chris Columbus film ever. One of my top 10 favorite 80’s movies. Adventures in Babysitting is one of those classics I can watch over and over again. Oddly enough Shue has the same last name in this movie as in BBTF. I love quirky coincidences! This movie also introduced Vincent D’Onofrio to the Marvel Universe, kinda.

So there you have it Towelites! A look back at Elisabeth Shue’s Geekliest roles! Keep it tooned to DFAT for future FBF lists like this one! You can check out my previous ones about Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer if you so desire.