So more likely than not you are stuck in quarantine, or doing some type of social distancing. Maybe you are even a few weeks into it, and your daily activities now include endlessly scrolling through Instagram, trying to cut your own hair, or even watching The Great British Bake Off and actually trying to replicate what they make. What you may need is better recommendations for movies and TV shows! Most people venture over to Instagram or search the web for “Best movies”. But the results are “meh” – at best. Instagram is made for giving you a glimpse into your friends life, not finding what the hottest new TV show is. And honestly a lot of the content you find online is paid for, fake, or just plain uninspiring. Cofounders Markus & Morten set out to solve this issue by helping you find the best recommendations. How are they doing it? Well, by making your friends do it for you.

Recommendations curated by your own friends
On Friendspire you will get personalized lists of recommendations based on what your friends like. Or if you have that one friend that always knows what to watch – but you can never remember her recommendations when you need them – head over to her profile and get instant recommendations. This means that all of the trolls, purchased reviews, and people you just don’t share taste with, are weeded out. Leaving you with a review app that mimics sitting down with good friends sharing recommendations – but this way you can actually find them when you need them.

Big data gives you big recommendations
If your friends don’t get you the inspiration you need, the Friendspire team and their algorithm can identify what is popular early. This way you will know what’s trending right now, and before the friends that aren’t yet on the platform. That means you will never again be in the awkward situation where you are the only one that hasn’t yet seen that hot new show. It’s never fun to be stuck at a table when everyone is discussing “Tiger King”, and you are thinking to yourself that you didn’t even know felines had an established monarchy. Additionally Friendspire creates masterfully curated lists like the best rom-com’s of all time, Netflix thrillers you might have missed, most engaging true crime podcasts, Elon Musk’s favorite books, and where locals eat and drink in most major cities worldwide!

Build a library of your favorites
Getting inspiration is amazing, but giving is just as fun. On Friendspire you can also build up your own library of your favorite. Never again will you forget that little tucked away gem you found in Barcelona, and even better it will help your friends get recommendations! It also means you wont forget the book you wanted to tell aunt suzy about next time you saw her, and spark intimate conversations between friends when they see they share taste in movies.

Social. Not social media.
Friendspire is a social media platform, but is anchored in real experiences. Their philosophy is all about helping you get better “real” experiences, “logging on to log off” as the founders put it. Therefore the platform has many of the classic social media staples, like an explore section, news feed, and profile. But the explore section is in focus, and everything is anchored in recommendations.

Inspiration in a time of corona
During the corona pandemic, and subsequent worldwide social distancing measures the need for recommendations has increased tremendously. Not surprisingly the founders have seen a slowdown in restaurant and bar searches, but this has been outweighed by the thousands of movie, TV, podcasts, and book recommendations that the community is sharing. This has meant that Friendspire has become a fast growing social media app, catering especially to people that want to find truly great content.