Hey Towelites! With The Flash and Arrow returning this week after the mid-season hiatus, I wanted to address the absence of the recaps for these two shows. Unfortunately, I will not be able to continue writing my recaps of these two, exciting comic book TV shows, as I will be turning my energies elsewhere.

Not that we don’t want to see discussions continue about two of the top-rated shows based on superheroes, in fact I would love to see someone else take the reigns on it! But not you Jon, you already have your hands full, so don’t even ask! Haha!

So Towelites! We are planning an official “Call for Writers” sometime in the near future, so consider this the soft launch! If anyone out there wants to do recaps for either or both of these shows, or write for us in general, hit us up at [email protected]!

Thanks for reading!