I may have impulse bought a subscription to the Firefly Loot Crate some months ago. I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact that the first box was Kaylee, who is my favorite spaceship mechanic besides Chief O’Brien.

Loot Crate’s newest themed crate includes multiple goodies every other month from the Firefly universe. Mine arrived this past week, filled to the brim with Kaylee-inspired goods.

The box is more expensive than the normal Loot Crate, which comes out every month instead of every other month. The Firefly Cargo Crate starts at $39.99 ($5 of which is shipping).

“Shiny” had approximately 8 different products. The program boasts that there are $65+ worth of product in every box, and I’m inclined to believe it.

Quantum Mechanix, the company that is advertised on the program, contributed an exclusive Kaylee figurine which appears to be similar to the products on their website that run $39.95. That alone is around what the box cost.


There is also a teddy bear that mirrors the mechanic, but instead of a teddy bear patch, there’s an adorable likeness to their human counterpart.


Subscribers also got one of two of the Q Bit figures – either Simon Tam or Jayne Cobb. Fittingly, I got Simon Tam, so Kaylee can enjoy her boytoy forever and ever, amen.


There was a sticker, a pin, two cards for Firefly, the card game and a set of fancy drink umbrellas that look like the one she has in the show. The package also included an envelope that had some exclusive artwork of Serenity, which is going to look excellent in my office.



If you missed out this round, I strongly encourage you to consider subscribing before June’s Crate, which is going to focus on the Hero of Canton himself, Jayne Cobb.

Pretty cunning, don’t you think?