I know, I know, all we showed you the other day was set pictures of the Buddhist Temple where James Mangold was filming for ‘The Wolverine.’ Well, today you actually get to see pictures of the Man of Jack himself.  Seems that photographers were finally able to snap a few pictures of Hugh Jackman on the Tokyo set  at the Zojoji Temple. Check them out below!


Looks like Wolvie’s been at a pretty huge funeral. Was this because of him? Or some member of ‘The Hand’ have something to do with it? We shall see.  Today was the last day of filming at the temple, with the cast and crew moving on to Hiroshima next.

Thanks to CBM for the shots. Slider Image via All Things X

‘The Wolverine’ will claw it’s way into theaters July 26th, 2013.



Today, we have some more filming that most have taken place after the funeral scene. We have Wolverine now being accompanied by alongside model/actress Tao Okamoto, who’s playing Silver Samura’s half-sister, Mariko Yashida. Take a look below as they cross the street and astonish onlookers!