Marvel has been hinting at their release of the Inhumans for some time. Initially announced as a standalone movie way back when, it’s now coming to the small screen starting this Fall. The initial first two episodes of an 8-episode season are being shot and presented in IMAX; with the rest of the season playing out on ABC. We have word that what happens in the movies and on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. MAY have something to do with Inhumans; there are no solid confirmations as such. All we do know, is that the first picture of the lineup is below.

Thanks to EW for the image.

Season 1 Gallery
Pictured: (From Left to Right) Eme Ikwuakor (Gorgon), Ken Leung (Karnak), Anson Mount (Black Bolt), Serinda Swan (Medusa), Isabelle Cornish (Crystal), Iwan Rheon (Maximus)

Honestly, this picture does nothing for me. Until I see Black Bolt in his signature mask, this dudes face is just some guy I don’t know. Medusa is the only one who looks authentic to the comics in my opinion; but we’ll just have to wait until the Fall.