Central City is the stomping ground for Meta-humans these days! This week we meet Kyle Nimbus aka The Mist. Don’t think that they are making things up for these shows, every character is legit. Nimbus is on the rampage taking out everybody who put him on death-row. After the incident, Nimbus gained the power to turn himself into a noxious gas and exacts his revenge. Can The Flash stop him? Of course he can. We also get some great insight into the mysterious character Dr. Wells as his creep factor only goes up this week!Firestorm

The Good

-Another reference to Blue Devil, this time at the theater. Last season on Arrow we saw the first movie from this fictitious franchise advertised. Looks like it did well enough to get a sequel! The other movie on there? Rita Farr aka Elastic-Girl.

-We meet The Mist, this is a real old school villain and you can check out his bio here. Cisco yet again comes up with the name.

-Awesome usage of showing how Barry can slow down time, and not just run around really fast.

The Flash Things you cant outrun 02-Barry makes a funny reference to not wanting a museum to be built in his name, which in the comics happens. Central City loves its hero!

-Eddie and Iris relationship is outta the bad, at least we don’t have to continue that week by week.

-Flashbacks to the day of the incident. We meet Ronnie Raymond and learn that he sacrificed himself to save everyone. Ronnie is played by Robbie Amell, the brother of Arrow’s Stephen Amell. It is only a matter of time before he shows up alive and we get introduced to Firestorm!

-The killing of supervillains is addressed. It’s as if they can read my mind! This week it is proposed that they use the Particle Accelerator as a prison for this meta-humans.

-Joe finally does some leg work and decides that Barry’s father is not guilty of the crime. It’s nice to see Joe re-opening the case, though it took Barry and all of these other people getting powers to convince him. The fact that he didn’t believe his friend in the first place kind of bothers me.

-Dr. Wells let the incident happen?! Which leads me to my next point…

-Who is Dr. Wells?! He knows the future, he is doing everything in his power to keep Barry on track to the Crisis. So who is he really? I had the idea that he’s Barry Allen from the future! I also had the thought that maybe Wells becomes the Reverse Flash, not Eddie. But I’m pretty sure that something will happen because of the Eddie-Iris relationship that makes him a bad guy.

-I am enjoying the Joe and Barry “buddy-cop” routine. It has a good range of emotions but at most times it’s comical.

The Flash Things you cant outrun 01

The Bad

-The villain of the week thing works to a certain extent. I know, I know it’s only episode 3, so I’m sure they will start building something bigger than just the mystery of Barry’s mother’s death. The appearance of Captain Cold will hopefully be the beginning of The Rogues storyline.

-Joe and Barry talk about his powers in public ALL THE TIME. Shouldn’t they be using a little bit of discretion?!


Next Week: Captain Cold shows up in “Going Rogue“! Oh and Felicity is along for the ride as well!