The Flash has been super successful using the “villain of the week” formula, and they don’t let up this week! In fact, we are introduced to one of The Flash’s most important bad guys, Captain Cold! AKA Leonard Snart, this leader of The Rogues is played by Prison Break alumni, Wentworth Miller. Let’s take a look at what happened this week!

The Flash Going Rogue 02The Good

-Showing off Barry’s multitasking skills! Very funny scene where the team is testing Barry’s brain abilities to keep up with his super speed. It seems that his brain is evolving as well. Still can’t beat Wells at chess though.

-Captain Cold first appearance, we see that his morals are translated well into the show. No killing cops. This is one of the most important traits of the Rogues and I am very happy that they kept this. Oh and we can once again thank Cisco for coming up with the villain’s name.

-Even Barry makes great decisions, like staying with the shot guard instead of giving chase to the thieves. He opts to get the man help, which I really, really like.

-The truck that Cold attacks? Is a Blackhawks security truck! This DC reference has been made before on Arrow and it’s nice to see it continue in Central City

-The CGI on this show only gets better. The scene where Barry stops Cold and his men is pretty amazing!

-Friendships are tested. When it is revealed that Cisco actually designed the gun that Cold steals. When we find out why he truly built it, things almost go sour for our scooby gang. Though this show is very light, which is what I love about it, The Flash also does a good job at being serious when it needs to be.

-Khandaq, another big DC reference. Cold is after the Khandaq diamond.

-Felicity brings her charm to the show this week. You will notice that she is absent in Star(ling) City this week, which I love that they pay attention to detail. It also shows that the two episodes are happening at the same time. Felicity fits right in with the tone of this show. Sad she can’t always be there. Her and Barry are obviously stuck on each other, but they understand that they both have jobs to do.

-Captain Cold wears his iconic jacket and hood! I would never have imagined that they would go there, but they did. Without being too cheesy, Miller pulls of the classic look!

-Even the side story of Iris and Eddie was interesting this week. Joe confesses why he has a problem with Eddie and Iris. Eddie is now a distraction, but after Eddie saves Joe’s life, he starts to see things differently.

-In the end Cold gets away but he meets up with another familiar face, Mick Rory AKA Heatwave. They discuss starting up a crew, here come The Rogues!

The Rogues

The Bad

-I am seriously having a tough time finding ways to criticize this show. Out of the superhero shows that I watch, this is the best so far. Like I said, the villain of the week formula works great, they address the overall arc enough to keep it relevant, and each episode is fresh and light. I love this show and I think it really has a bright future.The Flash Going Rogue 01

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