Meta-Villain of the Week

The Flash BlackoutBlackout – DC Comics Origin: Not much is known about this character as he was created during the epic DC Comics event Flashpoint. Here is what the DC Comics Database has to say about the character:

Blackout was recruited into a team of “heroes” by Cyborg. This team’s mission is to take down both Emperor Aquaman and Wonder Woman. Aquaman and Wonder Woman are attempting to take over the world. The war between their nations resulted in millions of human casualties. The team which Blackout was recruited to aims to end that war.

During a meeting with Batman, it revealed that another post- Flashpoint character, the Outsider, had been hunting Blackout, because he wanted to use Blackout’s electric powers to light India. This hunt resulted in the loss of Blackout’s girlfriend and Blackout’s departure from his school. The Outsider was also recruited into Cyborg’s team. Blackout voiced his reluctance working in a team with his worst enemy.

The Flash Blackout 02The Good

-Using lesser known villains like Blackout is great! This way certain nerds don’t fight against the usage of the character.

-Wells acts heroic and then turns around and becomes creepy again. I really want to know what his intentions are!

-Barry is forced to face the loss of his powers. Iris actually becomes the hero this time around.

-The Clock King comes to Central City. It’s cool to see a shared villain, even cooler to see two in an episode!

-Well’s list of the dead: Ralph Dibny (The Elongated Man), Al Rothstein (Golden Age Atom), Grant Emerson (Damage), Bea DeCosta (Fire), & Will Everett (Amazing Man). The writers of both shows never cease to amaze me when they drop easter eggs like this. Will any of these characters show up eventually? Apparently one of them is not dead, so we will see….

-Wells uses Girder to fight Blackout, Girder is killed. Interesting choice to eliminate a villain.

-It’s neat to watch the future newspaper articles change

-Gideon. Wells’ computer is called Gideon. In the DC Comics mythos Gideon is the name of one of the New Gods. Could Wells himself be a New God?

The Bad


The Flash Blackout 01

Next time on The Flash: “Flash vs. Arrow”!