Another member of The Rogues makes his appearance this week, in the form of an old elementary school bully named Tony Woodward aka Girder. I am still really digging this villain of the week formula but this week we get a special appearance from our big bad! The Flash continues to impress and it is my favorite superhero show on TV right now! This week’s episode was a great way to address the bullying problem that we have in our society.

The Flash s1e8 02The Good

-Iris continues to put herself in danger by writing her blog. Barry continues to go to her in costume and pleads for her to stop doing it

-We meet Tony Woodward, aka Girder. Another guy who gained “meta” abilities from the disaster. He is able to turn his skin into steel. Dr Wells makes a funny “man of steel” reference. Cisco doesn’t directly name Girder, but he calls the training bot he makes for Barry by the name.

-Eddie and Barry play buddy cop this week. I really wonder how they are going to play this one out…

-Tons of Bromance this week. Eddie and Barry, Joe and Wells. It is nice to see the dynamics between characters who will most likely become enemies by the end of the season.

-We learn a little more about Well’s past and why he came to Central City. If it’s even true! With as creepy as this character has been and the devious things he has done, I really wonder where his allegiances lay.

-The team continues to push Barry’s powers. In order to defeat Girder, Barry has to get a 5.3 mile run going, straight-shot, to reach the speed needed to take down Tony. What I like about this show is that they continue to develop Barry’s powers and push his limits.

-The Flash is truly born! Iris and Barry come up with the name together. This of course is after they spend most of the episode fighting and not talking to each other.

-The Yellow “Flash” shows up and threatens Joe that if he continues his investigation he will kill Iris.

The Flash s1e8 01The Bad

-Barry reveals his identity to Girder. I understand that the show is addressing the bullying problem that we have in our society, and I think that’s great, but yeah let’s just tell people who we are so when they escape things will get nutty,


Next time on The Flash: “Power Outage”